Team Info

2019 Student Fees & Registration

Note: Registration for the 2019 Season is Closed

The Pit Zone

The league requires every rider to register in The Pit Zone. All league registration and race fees are handled through Pit Zone. See Pit Zone FAQ for questions you may have regarding league registration. If you do not have an account yet in Pit Zone, please contact one of the coaches.

Race and Practice Schedule

The team begins to practice for the season in early May into early June. (This can change from year to year). Practices are held weekly every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. The practice locations vary from day to day but usually cycle between trails in Herriman and Draper. Occasionally there will be a practice held at a different location that may be outside of the Salt Lake Valley.

There will be three races for the junior development riders and five races for the high school riders. Please see the race page for more information regarding races and dates.

All scheduling is managed through Team Snap. Please contact one of the coaches or team directors if a parent or rider needs to be added to the Herriman High MTB team snap team account.

See Races for additional info regarding race dates.


The Herriman Mountain Bike Team cannot operate without the help of our riders parents and other volunteers. We love for parents to come ride with team as ride leaders but if your unable to ride, there are plenty of other areas in which parents can help as well. All are encouraged to volunteer and help out with the team throughout the season. It takes quite a bit of effort to run a team so all are welcome.

Examples of volunteer opportunities

  • Ride Leaders/Coaches
  • Team Moms
  • Race Day Volunteer (each race has a list of volunteer options)
  • Trail Work
  • Pit Zone Trailer Crew